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Microblading Training

Learn the art of 3D & 6D Microblading



Microblading, Eyebrow Embroidery and/or Eyebrow Feathering which is performed using a handheld tool comprised of micro needles in the shape of a blade. Our technique does not make use of a machine but rather a manual tool. The micro blade is dipped into pigment and then deposited into the dermis, the outermost layer of skin. This technique gives extremely fine, crisp and natural looking hair strokes that last anything up to 3 years. This is a 2 phase treatment, as a second perfecting session is required to complete the strokes. Microblading is the latest subtle alternative to outdated Permanent Makeup powder brows. The colour is quite shallowly implanted into the surface of the skin. The pigments used in this method have been formulated to match your original eyebrow colour and will blend perfectly into your natural brows. The results are realistic, flawless, fuller looking brows.

Our brand new and improved training course is a 2 day intensive course designed to introduce you to the exciting world of 6D microblading using our Stroke Pattern Sequence so that you may become a working microblading therapist. This comprehensive class will teach you all aspects of 3-6D microblading, from specially designed client brow consultations to designing, mapping and drawing eyebrows. You will leave this class feeling excited and enthusiastic to practice and master your craft.


What to expect of our Microblading Training?


It’s wise to manage your expectations of such a specialised course such as Microblading, this is by no means an easy course and the learning does not stop after class. The course itself is merely the initial step comprising of 2days covering theoretical training, demonstration and practical knowledge of the treatment. Plus some practical tips on working in a salon with clients. Eyebrow drawing is as complex as any other art form. It is never enough to just sit, listen and learn. You will need to practice, practice, practice. The skill of eyebrow drawing is crafted after long periods of practice and communication between student
and teacher, which commences immediately after the initial training. Not everyone will make it.

In general, the average time necessary for gaining your certification is about 2- 3 months, between 7 – 10 Case studies as well as a few sheets of artificial skin. Our main goal in this 2 day course is to teach you how to practice. The certification process will comprise of 8 successful models, submitted via photographs. The work is either perfect or is a fail. 6 Out of 10 students may qualify for a certificate (unfortunately I think many therapists will continue doing Microblading regardless of obtaining their certificate).

Our communication need not stop after the course is completed. Only once you begin working will an abundance of questions appear, then you are going to need all the support you can get. Just a reminder – the process of achieving perfection is a lifelong journey.


Entry Requirements


No prior experience or license required, patience and attention to detail is a must. A great benefit of doing the Flutter Institute training is the opportunity to freelance at our busy Hyde Park Salon. We are always on the lookout for new talent.


Course Outline


After signing up for our Flutter Institute 6D Microblading course you will be given our latest updated self-study ideally 2 weeks prior to in-class training. Late registrations will be accepted, however it will require additional effort to complete the course in a shorter time period. Modules stated below will also be covered in class. Your time at Flutter Institute will consist of 2 days where your self-study discipline will be put to the test. You will be working on 2 or more live models under close supervision.


Day 00 – Self Study


  • Microblading Consultation Process
  • Contraindications
  • The Importance of Consent Forms
  • Face Shapes
  • Brow Shape, Size, Position and the Horizontal Line
  • Skin types
  • Skin Tone and Colour
  • Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Li Pigment Module
  • Factors Affecting Pigment Retention
  • Products and Implements
  • Blades and Needles
  • Problem Brows
  • Common Mistakes/Troubleshooting Microblading
  • Brows Microblading Procedure
  • Touch Up Procedure
  • Microblading Male Clients
  • Aftercare
  • Sterilization and Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Liability and Insurance
  • Pricing and Profitability
  • Cell Phone Apps, Social Media and Photography


In Class

Day 01

  • Exam on self-study content
  • Live demonstration
  • Brow mapping, correcting & refining shape practice
  • Learning the art of Stroke Pattern Sequence (SPS)
  • Practicing the SPS on artificial skin within brow shapes
  • Homework which comprises of 10 sets of brows using the
    SPS within sketched brow outlines.
    Kindly keep this evening free as this step is vital.

Day 02


  • Assessment of homework
  • You will work on 2 live models under supervision using all the knowledge you have gained


What this course costs

Course training fee (2 days): R7000 plus R5000 Comprehensive kit = Total: R12000
(Kit includes everything you need for 30 treatments)


Full kit contains:

1 x Pen
1 x Metal Pigment Cup Holder
1 x Curved Brow Ruler
1 x Flexible Flat Ruler/surgical Marker
1 x Brow Pencil (waxy/waterproof/brown)
4 x Pigments
30 x Blades (10 Slated, 10 Slanted, 10 Curved)
1 x Anesthetic
1 x Super Numb
1 x Saline
7 x Gloves, Mop Caps
1 x Chlorhexidine
1 x Isopropyl Alcohol
1 x Microblading Pen
1 x Brow Razer
3 x Skins
30 x Pigment Rings
30 x Microbuds
10 x Mascara Brushes
30 x Pigment Cups
1 x After Care Sachets Or Tube
1 x After Care Document



Certification Process


On completion of your Self Study & 2 day training at the Institute you will then be expected to complete a total of 10 successful case studies (your class models count as case studies too). These studies need to be emailed to your trainer individually for scoring & assessment in order to obtain your Flutter Institute Certificate. Please note not all students will qualify for certification and there is no guarantee of success unless all criteria are met. We feel this sets us apart and upholds a high standard for the microblading industry. Students have unlimited attempts to certify.


Why train with us


Created and managed by Melissa Mcc Araujo, Flutter was born over 11 years ago, modestly starting with the application of individual eyelash extensions. Flutter was the first specialized Eyelash Extension Salon only doing eyelash extensions in Johannesburg. As the industry has evolved so has Flutter, specializing in mastering techniques and new treatments.

Melissa was trained in Permanent makeup with Premier Pigments in 2010. More recently in 2015 Melissa trained in Microblading by Erika Davis South African educator as well as international Master Florence Wong of Malaysia. Melissa brought this knowledge home to become one of the first to offer the Microblading treatment in South Africa in 2015.

Flutter has the expertise and experience to offer comprehensive training with back up, post training support.


Model Portal


Brow Models for practice in class/case studies: 2 models we be required on day 2, we offer assistance when it comes to finding your models through our social media accounts.


Job Shadowing Opportunity


Flutter has a successfully trained team of certified Microblading Therapists who perform this treatment full time, for many hours a week. Flutter Institute offers our students a wonderful opportunity to workshadow and observe our qualified therapists in action. This option is a great way to observe and experience the treatment in real time. Always select a training institution in your own city as after sales support is vital!


Train Now Pay Later


Financing your studies is tough, we have found a way to make this easier on our students, using Mobicred Finance. If you’d like to train now and pay later we have a Mobicred 12 month finance option, no deposit required. Enquire about this amazing offer.

08 600 MCRED (62733)


Your Trainer

Melissa de Araujo

With over 11 years of experience in Eyelash Artistry, 10 years in Permanent makeup, 5 years in Microblading and 5 years in Lash Lifting. Melissa has an eye for detail and is extremely passionate about what she does, and this is reflected in her work, staff and training. Growing the brand Flutter and Flutter Institute has also given Melissa special insight into how to take your brand and training further. You could not be in better hands!



Book your training


For all bookings and inquiries please complete the form below or contact Kylie:

Email: kylie@fluttereyelash.co.za/ orders@fluttereyelash.co.za

Phone: 064 639 1516

Microblading Training
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